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Friday, May 31, 2013 Colours

Here are some of the real life items from Spree #65 which had arrived a few days ago and has already been dispatched to my customers. These items (except the hello kitty nail polish as they were complimentary gifts to my customers) are still available on and do check it out because...

Infinite Pixie is having a 10% OFF all spree items (except for Spree #68 new arrivals) but hey, we have more than 100 items that's entitled for the promotion and it is valid only till 4th June 2013. So don't miss it ;) 

& for this week's giveaway, we are actually giving out free Sora Lipstick from Korea which is damn pretty because the colours are so pigmented. Check out for more information! 

Gotta run and finish up some remaining work before i call it a day! 
Also, it's Friday! *THROWS CONFETTI* and have a great weekend everyone :)

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